The OpenAI custom ChatGPT shop opens its doors

The world of artificial intelligence has just taken a new step forward with the opening of the custom GPT shop by OpenAI. This initiative marks a turning point in the way we interact with chatbot technologies.

The Genesis of the GPT Shop

OpenAI, renowned for its innovations in AI, has launched a platform where users can share their custom bots based on GPT language technology. This shop is a response to the growing demand for customization in the field of conversational AI.

How the Shop Works

Mainly accessible to ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise subscribers, this shop offers an initial range of GPTs created by OpenAI. It is designed with an integrated search engine, featuring GPTs sorted by popularity and category. Remarkably, users can submit their creations to share with the entire world.

A New Horizon for Creators

The shop is not just a simple sharing platform. OpenAI has planned a revenue sharing program, thereby rewarding GPT creators based on their bots' engagement. This initiative opens a new field of possibilities for developers and AI enthusiasts, allowing them to monetize their creativity.

The Emergence of the Team Subscription

Alongside this shop, OpenAI has unveiled the ChatGPT Team subscription, designed for teams of up to 149 users. This service ensures that conversation data is not used for training the AI model, thus offering an additional layer of privacy and security.


The opening of OpenAI's custom GPT shop is a significant step in the world of AI. It not only provides customized tools but creates an ecosystem where innovation, creativity, and monetization meet. This initiative marks the beginning of a new era in which AI becomes more accessible, customizable, and lucrative for its users.

Access the GPT Shop

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By Guillaume - 01/10/2024 at 11:01 pm

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